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On-site Maintenance Inspections

Our experienced certified technicians perform routine scheduled maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs so you’re never held hostage to breakdowns.

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Spare parts

With the equipment we manufacture and sell, the majority of the spare parts are readily available for our customers. In case of emergency, you can always rely on us. Keep your equipment in perfect working order by only using original spare parts, as only they are the same as the top-quality components used to manufacture it.

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Scheduled Maintenance Inspectations

Regular Machine inspections and routine maintenance keep you ahead of equipment problems, preventing downtime and promoting safety and efficiency.

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CPH PROPERTIES LLC is a leading construction equipment manufacturer known for its reliable and safe earth-moving equipment that are used in large projects across the United States. To make the groundwork for the building sector easier, our company offers domestically sourced, cutting-edge products. We assure you that all our equipment are manufactured in a way that they come with increased service life and minimal breakdowns, boosting users’ productivity. All of our products have been designed by our trained engineers to be more effective, ergonomic, and secure.

CPH PROPERTIES LLC has a long legacy for providing quality equipment and excellent service to customers. We earned a solid reputation due to combining our wide selection of machines with a team that works with you on short and long-term solutions allows us to meet your needs so you can maximize efficiency on the job site.

Our ambition to achieve excellence fuels our work every day, inspiring us to craft unique solutions that not only enhance our clients’ operations but ensure dependability and safety. Guided by this mission, we offer a broad range of construction equipment services. These valuable services include designing new machinery, refurbishing existing products, and reverse engineering replacement parts or entire machines, all to provide value-added results, tailored uniquely for each customer.

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We Are Your Trusted Source For All Your Equipment Needs

We have contributed to usher in a new era of technical excellence with our wide selection of great construction equipment and millions of delighted customers. We are a total-solution provider willing to address all your queries. We have a large selection of genuine equipment parts in stock! We believe you deserve quality parts for your investment. When your equipment isn't running, neither is your business. We understand that you rely on your machine to keep you working and tackle the toughest jobs.

We produce the widest range of equipment:

  • lifting
  • excavation
  • mining
  • drilling and concrete equipment
  • road construction equipment
  • railroad and garbage collection equipment
  • special purpose vehicles and heavy-duty trucks
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Why you should choose us

We aim to equip our customers with the tools they need to handle demanding worksite conditions and to back them up with the best assistance available, making their job easy. We strive to make products more affordable and efficient using our experience and expertise. We offer the highest-quality equipment on the market. We are innovative and continually push our limits to deliver the best results possible.

Our core values include Quality, Value, Excellence, Trust, and Satisfaction. We provide products that add value to our customers and help them expand. We appreciate the stringent specifications of the parts and the relationships we have built with both suppliers and customers. We are both thankful and proud that the early customers that shaped the direction of our company are still with us today.

To become a global leader in the competitive construction equipment industry with millions of happy and satisfied customers by deploying highly skilled repair personnel, coupled with professionally engineered repair services to equipment owners, manufacturers, dealers, and distributors—with commitment and integrity.

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At CPH PROPERTIES LLC, we offer a wide range of equipment used for lifting, excavation, mining, drilling, etc.

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Innovation has been the cornerstone of our success from the very beginning. Our team of world-class engineers and designers is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible, leveraging the latest advancements in technology to develop machines that are more powerful, more reliable, and more ecofriendly than ever before. Through our ongoing investment in research and development, we have amassed an impressive portfolio of industry-leading equipment, each designed to tackle the most demanding construction challenges with unparalleled performance. Only top-quality, industrial-grade materials and processes are used in executing any project. We have in-house controls design, engineering, and build capabilities, providing quick design, procurement, and construction of standardized elements.

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